Register for the The We Start Lisbon Conference, co-organized by the MY-WAY and DIGISTART Startup Europe projects, which will take place on 21st October in Lisbon, Portugal, at the premises of the Nova University of Lisbon.

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Event Info:

Event Language: English

Date: 21 October 2016, Friday

Time: 8:50 AM - 7:00 PM

Topic: We Start Lisbon: The European conference for students and young digital entrepreneurs

Venue: REITORIA UNIVERSIDADE NOVA LISBOA, Campus de Campolide, Lisboa.

GPS Coordinates38.733874, -9.160429

Nearest Metro Station: São Sebastião


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A day filled with exciting activities, inspiring speakers and a job fair for your skills. Sounds fun?

Join us in Lisbon, the next global entrepreneurial Hub and begin your journey in innovation.
In this one day action packed event we bring together experienced Startup Leaders and Speakers from across Europe to share their inspiring stories.

The event will also host two fun filled, exciting and practical workshops on :

     -  How to develop your Product? - by Matt Kuppers, Innovation and Commercialisation Manager at LSE Enterprise

     -  How to Pitch to investors? - by David Trayford, Team Project Coach at Singularity University

Moreover, the event will host several panel sessions that will invigorate lively discussions:
     -  Stories of entrepreneurship brought to you by Student organizations
     -  Best practices to learn from failure
     -  How to get visibility for your startup: social media tips & tricks
     -  Universities Pitch about their Entrepreneurial Activities and get feedback
     -  When and How to internationalize: startup stories
     -  Available funding opportunities
We Start Lisbon will serve as a unique opportunity and meeting point for young entrepreneurs and students willing to launch their business to meet investors, mentors and other key players of the European startup ecosystem, network with peers, and learn new skills to pursue their dream.

If you want to know more about social entrepreneurship and impact investing, how to pitch investors, how to build a business network, what to do after having a great idea, know more about raising funding and copywriting; or if you rather want to hear the best practices to learn from failure, listen to women entrepreneurs or just listen to inspirational experiences, then this event is for you!

Start Time
End Time
Opening remarks
Stories of entrepreneurship brought to you by Student organizations
Bringing together Student organizations at Local as well as European Level to reflect on how student bodies can play a more active role in spreading Entrepreneurship Culture and bringing co-founders together.
Coffee break
Product Development Workshop:  Presentation 
In this workshop, Matt Kuppers will elaborate on the Lean Startup approach and also walk the audience through the MVP development process usually applied by-product-based startups. He will further give tips how to find a technical co-founder, what the market rates are, and what to look out for when hiring a CTO. Matt will also provide lots of resources where to find freebies for tech startups. A lengthy Q&A session will allow the students to ask many questions. Please bring a list of your questions and a summary of your proposed product in case you have one. For more info on Startup Manufactory, please visit 

Follow Matt presentations at Slideshare
Let's face failure!
Failure is the best teacher in the world of Entrepreneurship. An engrossing discussion giving practical examples on how failures can be great learning experiences and how to handle failure successfully to pivot towards a successful idea.
Lunch break
Meal bag will served to all who registered!
Universities promoting startups
Universities are increasingly offering courses, programmes, workshops to help entrepreneurs. But can more be done? By bringing together Universities in Portugal, we connect them with Student Bodies in order to find out what gaps exist and how can the Entrepreneurial Environment be further improved.
Learn how to pitch to investors
A practical, hands on Workshop on how to Pitch effectively. David Trayford, Team Project Coach at Singularity University, addresses this vital issue in a humorous, and effective style, to present this engrossing workshop.
How to get visibility for your startup: social media tips & tricks
Getting visibility at an early stage is always a challenge for any Startup. By bringing together experts and local tech media, we discuss on ways to get visibility in the Local Media especially those that deal with technology.
Coffee break
When and How to internationalize: startup stories
Micael Gustaffson, a Swedish entrepreneur and an expert in Internationalization will chair this panel and share his experiences on when is the right time to go abroad. The panel will also include successful Portuguese Startups that have internationalized. The discussion will go into details of the path taken by them.
How to go from idea to business: help from ecosystem actors
This panel will bring together major ecosystem actors in Lisbon, and discuss about acceleration and funding opportunities available to Startups. 
Presentation of Research Work
Students having done research activities in the area of Digital Business Ecosystems, Startups or Entrepreneurship will present their research in this session.
Closing the conference
Cocktail reception




David Trayford 
David is Team Project coach at Singularity University in Mountain View, California; Speech coach for several TED and TedX speakers; Mentor for Seedcamp, Startup Live and Pioneers’ Festival, he has helped many start-ups create compelling, prize-winning presentations. He organises and hosts teambuilding events for multinational companies across Europe. He has organised, hosted and performed in English language stand-up comedy in several European Cities and has diplomas in Radio production, TV presenting and Voice Over work. He started his working life in London in finance -banking and then derivatives broking- before taking early “retirement” to start a property company in Hungary. He has taken on several corporate advisory roles including CEO of an international trading company. He recently founded – Central Europe’s newest, best connected co-working space.

Matt Kuppers 
Matt Kuppers is the Founder and CEO of Startup Manufactory, a London-based startup consultancy which helped over 30 clients in its 2.5 years history. He also acts as an Independent Expert to the European Commission and is Innovation and Commercialisation Manager at the London School of Economics. Matt has been working in the startup industry since 2008. Whilst working in a venture capital firm he founded an SEO firm that served the portfolio of the VC firm. After that, Matt co-founded the London-based restaurant search engine eetapp (formerly MenuSpring) which is now valued at 5£m. He believes that entrepreneurs are essential to Europas continuing prosperity and therefore actively encourages entrepreneurship across the European Union through startup consulting, lecturing and startup events.  


Micael Gustaffson 
Micael is the managing director of Clusterland Sweden a new networking organisation working in the crossfield between traditional cluster organizations and private business developers. The organization work with regionsand governments in order to improve innovation systems and regional growth but also with internationalisation, funding and business development for start ups and SMEs.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 644847